whitebureau - Online shops, Highload, vulnerability scan, frontend (SPA), backend, PRD, parsers

mail: whitebureau@gmail.com

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icq: 447744444

PHP (since 2004):

- PHP 4/5 (OOP)
- PEAR/RegExp/PDO/Curl
- Memcached
- Smarty/Twig
- TDD/Refactoring/Pattern
- Git/Mercurial


Optimization. Fault tolerance: DRBD + Heartbeat + Xen, replication.
Extended SQL syntax. Viable architecture envisioning.

- PgSQL, mongo


- Google: Maps, Checkout, Fonts, Images Search, Chart, Analytics
- Yandex: Maps, Market, Money
- Monetization: CyberSource, PayPal, WebMoney, Moneybookers, LibertyReserve, Skrill, SMS, Yandex.Money, Credit Cards and etc
- Mail: Mandrill, Mailgun, AWS.Amazon
- Microsoft: Bing
- Facebook, Vkontakte
- Steam API


- Google Analytics: Enhanced Ecommerce
- API credit services and banks
- Monetization: CyberSource, PayPal, WebMoney, Moneybookers, LibertyReserve, Skrill, SMS, Yandex.Money, Credit Cards and etc

Frontend (SPA) (since 2003):

- Perfect results
- HTML4, HTML5, XHTML 1.0/1.1
- Strict, Transitional, Frameset, Mobile
- CSS 2/2.1/3
- Fully functional HTML codes, W3C
- Web design for IE 6/7/8 and higher, Opera 9.x and higher, FF 2.x/3.x and higher, Safari 4.x and higher, Google Chrome, Konqueror. Discriminating easily between Trident/Gecko/WebKit/Presto and knowing their specific features.
- Minimum of images. Web design for email clients, visually impaired people, and slow Internet connection. Correct display with images, css, or js disable.
- Web design for mobile devices, intimate knowledge of iOS intricacies.
- IE Fix: PNG, hover, display, float, CSS3.
- CSS Reset.
- Responsive design. SEO friendly design.
- Bootstrap

AJAX / JavaScript (since 2005):

- JavaScript native.
- jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile.
- jsHttpRequest.
- SWFObject.
- node.js


I have designed, programmed and supported high load systems:
- from 10,000 users online;
- from 3,000,000 daily unique visitors;
- up to 1,000 RPS;

About me:

- hard-working;
- honest and open;
- personalized payment methods, wire transfers possible;
- prepayment for PRD and layout;
- work costs exactly what it costs. I put all of myself into doing some really hard, high-quality, professional and singular work, so I believe it’s worth a decent payment;
- i like challenging tasks and find unorthodox solutions to them;
- there are no complete works in my portfolio, as I conform strictly to my customers’ requirements. If you ask me personally, I’ll give you the idea of my skills and experience;

In conclusion:

A friend of mine is a salesman, selling on message boards, so he had to log in and bump his posts all the time. One day, he asked me to robotize the process somehow.
With a nice Friday mood, I plunged into working. At first, my script learned to sign in on message boards and bump a number of my friend’s posts. Saturday, it was a full daemon that logged in on different message boards with different users at random times, using new phrases selected by a special algorithm. By Sunday evening, the script was fishing out the latest (including personal) messages from boards, gathering statistics and reporting all of this as emails or SMS in user-friendly formats. Besides, there were a number of advanced settings, so that no administrator would say it was a script rather than a human, so intelligent it was.

What I am getting at is that I just do love my work. Invest in me, and we’ll go a long way in development and programming together.

mail: whitebureau@gmail.com

skype: whitebureau

icq: 447744444